Aurelia, the 15 week update

Wow, I cannot believe that Aurelia has been with us for over 3 months already, it feels just like yesterday she was born and yet at the same time it feels like she’s been here forever.

Her little personality is really starting to shine through, at present she likes giraffes and squeaky toys, music – this girl loves to wriggle, twirling her hair and cuddles in mummy & daddy’s bed!

She hates bedtime, (but sleeps really well when she finally gives in, getting out of the bath (she’s an absolute water baby) and leaving her parents side, (we’re experiencing a clingy stage!)

We’ve survived the early sleepless nights, two lots of injections a bout of sickness and have finally found our family’s rhythm, just in time for us to move house in a few weeks, it’s been a mad couple of weeks.

*Tomorrow i’ll be back with my nursery ideas for Aurelia’s new bedroom!

Shhh! Baby sleeping…

newborn sleeping

She’s a daddy’s girl!

Dad and babydad and babydad and baby

One of the best things about becoming a mum is seeing Mat become a dad. Look at these two! Three weeks old and she’s got him wrapped around her little finger already. :)

Choosing a baby name

Hello, my name is

I found choosing a first name for my daughter really hard. How do you pick a name for a tiny human you haven’t even met yet, when you’ve no idea about their personality or about the individual they’ll grow up to be. It’s a big responsibility.

The middle name was easy to choose and mentally decided long before we’d even fallen pregnant. Rose was Mat’s late grandmother’s middle name. She was a beautiful lady who lived for her family and especially her grandkids. Honouring her through our daughter felt like the most natural thing to do, it helps that I also love the name Rose – so romantic and old school.

But the first name choice was seriously tough. I knew I didn’t want a name that was too common- I know too many Hannahs for my liking and hated being known as Hannah W at school to identify us all. After trawling through baby book after baby book, Mat and I made a short list of possible names.

Isla – Scottish for Island was a strong contender at one point, but I decided against it when I realised how popular it was becoming.

Alba- Was another favourite, but was vetoed by our families who likened it to the cheap 80′s electronic brand and Alma – a name most definitely not on our list. {N.B Never discuss names with your family and friends. They have way too many opinions!}

Penelope – I liked this one. My aunt is called Penelope, or Penny for short, but in the end I wanted our daughter to have her own name.

Orla – I still love this but the letters are too close to another word! ;0

Aurora – The name I always thought I’d call my child. Sleeping Beauty was my favourite disney princess, yet it wasn’t to be – Aurora Rose Richards is a little R heavy. Shame as I liked Rory as a nickname.

Lemon – I adore this name. It means the sweet from the sour. But if actually went ahead and called her Lemon, we’d spend a lifetime hearing ‘You called your kid what??’ 

I was name stuck until one rainy afternoon when I decided to watch the film Love Actually. And there it was – her name, beautiful Aurelia. {Pronounced or-ray-lia.} It’s the Latin word for golden, term I often use to describe my life with Mat and I knew then that this was the name for our girl. Our golden girl.

Did you find choosing  a name difficult? How did you go about picking? x