Choosing a baby name

Hello, my name is

I found choosing a first name for my daughter really hard. How do you pick a name for a tiny human you haven’t even met yet, when you’ve no idea about their personality or about the individual they’ll grow up to be. It’s a big responsibility.

The middle name was easy to choose and mentally decided long before we’d even fallen pregnant. Rose was Mat’s late grandmother’s middle name. She was a beautiful lady who lived for her family and especially her grandkids. Honouring her through our daughter felt like the most natural thing to do, it helps that I also love the name Rose – so romantic and old school.

But the first name choice was seriously tough. I knew I didn’t want a name that was too common- I know too many Hannahs for my liking and hated being known as Hannah W at school to identify us all. After trawling through baby book after baby book, Mat and I made a short list of possible names.

Isla – Scottish for Island was a strong contender at one point, but I decided against it when I realised how popular it was becoming.

Alba- Was another favourite, but was vetoed by our families who likened it to the cheap 80′s electronic brand and Alma – a name most definitely not on our list. {N.B Never discuss names with your family and friends. They have way too many opinions!}

Penelope – I liked this one. My aunt is called Penelope, or Penny for short, but in the end I wanted our daughter to have her own name.

Orla – I still love this but the letters are too close to another word! ;0

Aurora – The name I always thought I’d call my child. Sleeping Beauty was my favourite disney princess, yet it wasn’t to be – Aurora Rose Richards is a little R heavy. Shame as I liked Rory as a nickname.

Lemon – I adore this name. It means the sweet from the sour. But if actually went ahead and called her Lemon, we’d spend a lifetime hearing ‘You called your kid what??’ 

I was name stuck until one rainy afternoon when I decided to watch the film Love Actually. And there it was – her name, beautiful Aurelia. {Pronounced or-ray-lia.} It’s the Latin word for golden, term I often use to describe my life with Mat and I knew then that this was the name for our girl. Our golden girl.

Did you find choosing  a name difficult? How did you go about picking? x